Vital statistics
Title The Bandit King
Gender Male
Race Human
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Status Active
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Name Jing
Age ?


(ジン Jin) He is the protagonist of the series. A dashing young thief in a flowing orange trenchcoat, his exceptional skills and dedication are seemingly contradicted by his laid-back manner. He approaches life with a disarming, confident cheerfulness, selecting his targets seemingly on a whim. Because he is such a legendary figure, many people are surprised when they meet him in person, as he is rather small and unassuming at first glance. His skills as a thief, however, are without equal. He travels the world with his best friend, Kir, a talking albatross with whom he can combine to unleash the deadly Kir Royale attack, which is a green ball of energy shot out of Kir's mouth. He also holds a hidden knife in his sleeves and usually uses it when the Kir Royale would be a waste. He also seems to be capable with any weapon such as wires as seen when he traps attack dogs. He also treasures a simple green necklace, which true purpose is never truly revealed.